Contoh Teks Perkenalan Diri Introduction Bahasa Inggris

Contoh teks perkenalan diri (introduction) Bahasa Inggris - melengkapi pembahasan-pembahasan yang sudah ada terutama berbagai kisah cerita menarik, kali ini kita akan bercerita tentang sebuah pengalaman memperkenalkan diri (introduction) dalam bahasa Inggris.

Teks Introduction Bahasa Inggris
My Name is Johny Isnanda, Teks Introduction Bahasa Inggris

Ceritanya kita akan belajar berkenalan atau mengenalkan lebih jauh siapa diri kita kepada beberapa orang baru yang kita temui.

Biasanya, perkenalan seperti ini dilakukan oleh para siswa atau mahasiswa atau kelas – kelas lain yang berhubungan dengan bahasa Inggris. 

Misalnya, dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris kita akan dilatih untuk menceritakan siapa diri kita. Di kampus juga seperti itu.

Untuk mahasiswa jurusan bahasa Inggris atau sastra inggris, perkenalan biasanya dilakukan saat mata kuliah speaking. Beberapa yang banyak di butuhkan antara lain sebagai berikut!

1) Memperkenalkan diri dalam bahasa inggris lengkap
2) Perkenalan diri dalam bahasa inggris saat interview
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7) Perkenalan diri dalam bahasa inggris lengkap

Teks cerita di bawah ini hanya sebagai bahan belajar dan gambaran saja. Istilahnya sebagai contoh. Jadi, anggap saja ada seorang pria yang bernama Johny Isnandar yang akan memperkenalkan siapa dirinya.

Dalam perkenalan tersebut ia akan memberitahu siapa namanya, siapa ayah dan ibunya dan juga mengenai saudara-saudaranya.

Selain keluarga, akan dijelaskan juga mengenai berbagai hal yang berkaitan dengan hobi. Ada banyak, nanti akan diceritakan satu per satu mulai dari olahraga, makanan, minat dan seterusnya. Lebih jelas, mari langsung kita baca.

My Name is Johny Isnanda
Perkenalan dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat

Hi all. On this occasion I will introduce my self. We may have met before. But I'm sure we haven't been acquainted. My name is Johny Isnanda. You guys can call me Johny or Isnanda. I was the oldest of five children.

I come from a small village. I come from a family of farmers. Before arriving at this place, I usually spend my time in the rice fields or in the garden.

My dad is Tarjo. He was a hard worker. He is working from morning until late at night. Everyday my father works at farm field. He is also working on rice fields and farms. Our family has quite a lot of cattle. We maintain a cow, camp and also chicken.

Every day, after work in the rice fields, my father went looking for fresh grass for the cattle. He does not work on his own. Mother always helps him work. Early morning, mother prepares breakfast. After that, she joins my father to rice fields. In addition to helping fathers, mothers also take care of the cattle, goats and chickens. He also never tired of taking care of the kids at home.

My mother’s name is Marni. She is very pretty. He was also very patient and affectionate with her children.

In the House, besides mom and dad there are my brothers and sisters. They named the Diamon, Luki, Resi and Grace. Diamon and Luki were able to help families while Resi and Grace are still small. We are living in the village happily. We don't lack anything.

Now, let's talk a little bit about hobbies and so forth. Different from most people, I love volley ball. I do not like football. The reason is simple; I think that football inspires people to have gambling. Beside voly ball, I also love chess. For me, chess is a means to train intelligence and strategy.

In addition, I also really enjoy cycling. I used to bike around the village. On weekends, I often spend time going by bike. Not only healthy, cycling is also great fun.

Besode sports, I also like eating. My favorite foods are meatballs. Yes, not unique but eat meatballs for me is so much fun. In addition I also love dogfruit. Do you know dogfruit?

I don't like instant food but I really like the noodles. Noodles only, others it is not for me. Speaking of food, I was very happy when lebaran, idul fitri. All kinds of foods there, you can imagine, one large table contains the full range of food.

The most interesting food for me is the brightly colored. Yes, I really love the bright colors such as red, yellow and green. My favorite color is yellow, the second is red.

Oh yes, how about music and movies? My favorite movie is science fiction. Nothing else, just science fiction films that I like. Comedy, no; I don't like comedy. And for music, I love romantic.

Romantic music is awesome. They can soften the soul and soothe the mind. I also love traditional music from various regions. How about you, do you like traditional music?

Actually, I have a lot of hobbies. But if I tell you here, two days will not be finished. So, let's talk about other things. Oh yes, I also love traveling and photography. Having a vacation to a new place is a great adventure for me. Capture the natural scenery in the cell phone becomes an unavoidable thing that I do.


These Are My Hobies

Talk about your favorite music is of course highly subjective. Each person will have their own favorites, so do I. I was the one who like soft. I don't like noisy music with fast tempo. I prefer the kind of music that could make people dreaming, thinking.

Since childhood, my favorite music type does not change. Since starting to like the music, I really enjoy the slow rock in 2009. This may be related to my personal characteristic. 

In contrast to characteristics, I like the songs that sharp and touched many themes. I don't only like love songs. I enjoy lot of songs with themes of life. Songs about politics for example, I really like it.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the songs that tell about social isues. Religious, I also love these songs.

For music, I like the song not only from within the country but also abroad. One of the local songs that I like is a song titled "samar bayangan" sung by Nicky Astrea. The song was very touched my heart, I really like and play them often.

If that from abroad, there is a song that often become my friend. That song is a song entitled "25 minutes" by MTLR. The song tells the story of a love that is very tragic. You certainly know the song isn't it?

I also sometimes observed the development of music. In the recent times, I began to doubt the quality of young musicians at this time. Many of them are “karbitan”, can not continue to work. They only appear for a moment and then disappear in the thrash. Is it true? What do you think?

Who doesn't like movie? Most people like movie. I also love movie. Science fiction became one of the genres that I like. I do not like the drama especially about love.

In my spare time, I often watch movies in theaters. Even sometimes I go to the theater alone, sometimes with a friend. The movie is important thing to me. It's not just sheer entertainment, it also gives a lesson. We can learn morality, learn ethics and so forth.

There is one movie that has always been interesting to me, that movie is “the lord of the rings”. This one for me was amazing. 

There is a series of science fiction film which I love most. There are lots of superhero movie of Marvels that I liked especially related to science. When talking about movie with friends, it's usually not enough of one or two hours. This is realistic because I really love to watch movies.

But don't get wrong of me. Although watching movie is my hobbies, I am one of those who do not like naruto and others. Somehow, I don't even know for sure why I don't like this type of movie. That's a little bit about my hobbies.

Now, I think you're a little closer to me, isn't it? That’s my entire introduction. Now it's your turn to tell me who you are.


Contoh di atas hanya sebagai pemanasan saja. Ke depan nanti akan diberikan lebih banyak teks bahasa Inggris lain yang sering dibutuhkan.

Nanti pelan-pelan kita akan belajar berbagai hal menggunakan artikel-artikel pendek bahasa Inggris mengenai berbagai tema. 

Lain waktu kita akan membahas lebih detail mengenai berbagai macam hobi. Misalnya saja untuk yang hobi sepak bola nanti akan kita buat artikel tentang sepak bola, yang hobi jalan-jalan pun demikian dan seterusnya. 

Satu persatu akan kita lengkapi. Dengan begitu kita akan mendapatkan banyak sekali bahan bacaan dan juga bahan belajar dari sini. Kami sangat berharap rekan pembaca semua bisa terbantu dalam mendalami bahasa Inggris. 

Agar tidak ketinggalan berbagai kisah menarik yang ada maka ada baiknya rekan semua mencatat alamat situs ini.

Ingat ya, situsnya dicatat agar mudah mencari teks bahasa Inggris yang dibutuhkan. Ya sudah, kali ini itu saja dulu. Silahkan dilanjutkan ke beberapa cerita dan contoh lain yang sudah disiapkan. 

Kalau mau mencari yang lebih sesuai silahkan gunakan kotak pencarian ya, di sisi kanan situs. Kalau yang mirip dengan yang di atas bisa dilihat langsung dibagian bawah. Paling tidak ada lima judul lain yang bisa langsung dinikmati.

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